You take your car to be serviced on a regular basis and you perform maintenance on your house, yet many of us don’t take preventive care with our bodies. With yearly wellness exams, Drew Simmons, FNP-C, and his dedicated team at Magic Valley Family Practice can help you lead your healthiest life. Don’t hesitate to schedule your wellness exam at their comfortable, welcoming office in Twin Falls, Idaho. Call them today or book your appointment online.

What is a wellness exam?

“Wellness exam” is a general term that encompasses quite a few different types of yearly health care visits, including:

  • Preventive health exams
  • Well-woman visits
  • Sports physicals

Basically, a wellness exam is a yearly checkup in order to keep you as healthy as possible, catching any potential medical issues early when they’re easiest to treat. At Magic Valley Family Practice, your wellness exam is also a time to build and work on your personalized wellness plan.

What is a personalized wellness plan?

Your personalized wellness plan is a health approach that you and the team at Magic Valley Family Practice will develop together to help you meet your health goals. Perhaps you want to lose weight, start an exercise program, quit smoking, or just need assistance in following a healthy lifestyle. Drew and the team at Magic Valley will give you actionable steps to meet your wellness goals.

If you already have a personalized wellness plan in place, your yearly visit is a time to review it and make any necessary updates.

What should I expect during my wellness exam?

In addition to developing your personalized wellness plan, your wellness exam is a time for you to discuss any health concerns you might have with Drew. If you have health-related questions or concerns, you can share them and get the answers you need.

During your exam, he will also ask you a series of questions to determine if you might benefit from any preventive services to keep you in top health. These could include:

  • Screenings
  • Lab work
  • Immunizations

Will my insurance cover wellness exams?

Most insurance companies cover annual wellness exams. It’s important to note that many insurance companies keep precise track of the date of your previous annual wellness exam. If you schedule your next year’s visit within 365 days of your previous visit (even a week earlier than last year), your exam may not be covered.

You probably wouldn’t skip checking your car’s oil or your roof’s gutters. So why leave your body without the regular attention, maintenance, and preventive care it needs to perform its best?

Don’t hesitate to schedule your wellness exam. Call Magic Valley Family Practice or book it online today.

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