As a woman, you know that your body requires some extra care and fortunately, you don’t have to work alone to keep yourself in top health. Drew Simmons, FNP-C, and the dedicated women’s health staff at Magic Valley Family Practice in Twin Falls, Idaho, offer a range of services to keep women healthy and address any concerns, from contraception to family planning and vaginal revitalization. To learn more about the women’s health services offered, call Magic Valley Family Practice or schedule your appointment online.

What are women’s health services?

At Magic Valley Family Practice, Drew and his women’s health team tailor their services to your specific needs. If you’re childbearing age, for example, they can help you find the right contraception, offer pregnancy testing, and help with family planning.

They also offer Pap exams, STD testing, and treatment for urinary tract infections. Annual well-woman exams can help identify any potential medical issues you may have, and they can refer you to a specialist if needed.

In addition, the practice now offers the TempSure™ Vitalia vaginal revitalization treatment to help reverse stress urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity and dryness, and more.

What is vaginal revitalization?

Vaginal revitalization with the TempSure Vitalia is a nonsurgical way to restore vaginal tissue after childbirth or during the changes that come with menopause. This hormone-free, minimally invasive procedure helps revitalize vaginal tissue using safe radiofrequency (RF) energy.

The controlled RF energy gently heats vaginal tissue in a matter of minutes. Your body responds by producing new collagen to improve vaginal laxity, increase natural lubrication, and reduce symptoms of stress incontinence. The treatment is easily tolerated and you can resume your daily routine afterward without downtime.

What birth control method is best?

Birth control depends on your personal preferences, medical history, and family planning goals.

Implants and IUDs are small devices that are either placed inside the arm (the implant) or the uterus (IUDs). They provide ongoing birth control for anywhere between three and 12 years and are completely reversible, restoring fertility to the woman shortly after their removal. Other birth control options are oral contraceptives, Nexplanon®, and Depo-Provera shots.

The team at Magic Valley Family Practice is here to help you find the best birth control method.

How often should I see a women’s health provider?

Generally, women should visit their health care provider once a year for a well- woman visit. This is a time where you can ask any health questions you may have, work on your personalized wellness plan, and be screened for any potential health issues. Because well-woman visits are considered preventive care, most insurance providers cover this annual visit.

If you’re sexually active, regular STD testing is important in keeping your health protected and in being a responsible sexual partner. The team at Magic Valley Family Practice can help you determine when you need to be tested.

Pap exams are also offered for HPV and cervical cancer screenings. After a normal Pap test, you won’t need to have another one for three years. Magic Valley Family Practice can keep you on the right schedule to be proactive about protecting your health.

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